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Paula Smit in Nature

How lovely to connect with you!

I believe we all planned our lives before we incarnated on Earth.
Earth is a school, a very challenging school where we have forgotten who we truly are. The healing journey into the remembrance of who we truly are is very personal and different for each individual. 
There are many different tools we can use that can help us heal, remember and connect. But we are always connected, separation is an illusion, we are all expressions of Source and pure Love and we have all the answers from within. 

My name is Paula and I am originally from the Netherlands.

Here a little bit about myself. Since I can remember I had the longing for living abroad in a warmer country, following my heart for a new adventure.
More than a few years ago I followed my intuition and moved to Spain.

What I enjoy most is reading, spending time in nature and being surrounded by animals. 
I have always been attracted to the stars in the sky since I was a little child, and remember the strong believe I always had that 'everything happens for a reason'.  

I found back my love for creating sacred music since my journey to Lake Atitlan in Guatemala. I love chanting mantra's and playing my harmonium. Sound is Frequency! During my Sound Healing training, I learned from the Mystery School teachings of Avalon. I reconnected with my voice, which is the most powerful unique healing instrument we have. 

I am a Priestess of Sacred Sound, Galactic Astrologer, Reiki (Usui System) Practitioner and Certified Yoga Teacher in Hatha & Yin.  
Life as an incredible, magical journey and I believe there is always more to unlearn and to rediscover about our true selves! 

As I am continuing to open my heart for new experiences, expansion and healing, which I will always keep on doing, I am here to connect with you.


Soul Yoga Session

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