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How lovely to connect with you!

My name is Paula and I am originally from the Netherlands.

Since i can remember i had the longing for living abroad in a warmer country, following my heart for a new adventure. For sure some Sagittarius influence and Divine alignment here! More than a few years ago i followed my intuition with the right sign at the right moment and moved to Spain with its beautiful sea and mountains.  

What i enjoy most is reading, spending time in Nature, being surrounded by animals, practicing Yoga & Meditation, Traveling and specially catching every Sun Ray i can find. Since my journey to Lake Atitlan in Guatemala i found back my love for creating music, doing this by chanting Mantra's and playing the beautiful harmonium. I have a passion for Yoga, Cosmology, Astrology, Energy Healing, and feel guided to share this with others and offer guidance in their soul journey.

I am a Quantum Soul Guidance Practitioner, Reiki Healing Practitioner and Yoga Teacher in Hatha/Elemental & Yin.  

I see life as an incredible, magical journey and believe there is always more to learn (removing more and more and more layers) and to discover about our true selves, who we really are in our core essence.

As i am continuing to discover my own soul journey and open my heart for new experiences and healing, which i will keep doing, i am here to connect with you.


Soul Yoga Session

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