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The Power of Water.

Updated: Apr 27, 2023

Water as a Living Consciousness.

Do you bless your water before you drink it?

Inspiring documentary 'The Secret of Water'

I want to share my perspective and some insights about ‘Water’ based on the fascinating documentary I saw a few years ago and which recently came into my awareness again. You might as well have seen the documentary ‘Secret of Water’ on Netflix or have read one of Dr. Masaru’s books. ( ‘The Miracle of Water’) Dr. Masaru Emoto was a scientist from Japan (passed away in 2014) who is one of the most important water researchers we have known in the world. He studied the scientific evidence and demonstrated by frozen water crystals that water is shaped by its environment and by thoughts, intentions, emotions, words and music.

My experience with Water during a healing session

I believe water is very powerful, and experienced it many times. One example during a Family Constellation Session which uses a systemic model that develops in water. Where through human shaped figures, water and ancestral forces create faithful and exact images of dynamics based on a specific question or situation. During the intention setting and first contact with my hands into the water I felt the connection & consciousness of it strongly. It was very special, intense and difficult to explain in words. During a session the human shaped figures are placed one by one in a small bath of water. For me they were showing a lot of insights about the situation i had asked for, and was healing. I can recommend this to everyone.

What does Dr. Masaru Emoto's research show?

To get back to his research. He shows how water that is exposed to loving, positive, compassionate human intention results in beautiful molecular formations in the water while exposed to fearful and negative intentions this results in disconnected and disfigured molecular formations. He discovered that no two snowflakes are identical and thought if snow has crystals, then water should too, when it’s frozen. He discovered that certain types of water created beautiful crystals while others did not. Below you can see pictures of frozen water crystals pre exposed to the words underneath it.

Water Crystal before a Buddhist Prayer Water Crystal after a Buddhist Prayer

'Love and Gratitude' 'You disgust me'

'Evil' 'Thank you'

Awareness of Water Mind blowing examples in my opinion of the different forms of water crystals based on the words they were exposed to. Our bodies contain more than 60 percent of water, which is a lot of liters of water. Imagine how we can influence the frequency of our body with our mind, thoughts, music, intentions.

Water can also help us clear our energy field and recharge, which is such a blessing from the Earth. With simply holding the intention to wash away everything that doesn't longer serve you anymore, it will help you clear and to feel lighter. I strongly believe water is consciousness and stores information, it has the most ancient wisdom and contains all the memories of the universe. Can you imagine how much knowledge the water in our body and in our planet is holding? In our body, each organ and cell has its own memory because of the water.

I hope this has inspired and reminded you of how powerful water truly is and i hope it creates more awareness when taking a sip of water, a shower, a dive in the sea or lake. It is truly amazing how water can help your body, mind and spirit to clear, recharge and heal!

“When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy.” – Rumi


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