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* Thank you for reaching out and connecting! At this moment I am not giving any sessions. I will continue to open my agenda in the future! Thank you for your understanding. You can sign-up for my newsletter where I will be sharing when I will be re-opening my agenda.  Many Blessings, Paula

Sakh Majat

Sirius Energy Healing -
        Sakh Majat 

Sakh Majat means the beginning of change. It is an energy therapy channeled by Ariel León. The session is made up of quartz crystals, sacred geometry and light codes, these three components are activated with the light code of the energy of Sirius.

Sacred geometry has been used throughout history to construct buildings in numerous places, light codes are an expression of the light in ourselves, quartz is pure consciousness that transmits information to be downloaded. 

There is nothing to do while receiving this energy healing, then to lie down in a comfortable relaxed position. In this way, a vibrational structure is generated that allows the person to receive, not only the frequency that we are generating, but also the assistance of the energy of Sirius acting on our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. Sakh Majat energy healing allows us to release past memories and to open and receive information from other lives.

Benefits of Shak Majat Energy Healing

It has many benefits on our body, mind and soul, below we detail a few of them:

- It has many benefits on our body, mind and soul. The feeling of lightness and calm, since Sakh Majat allows us to clean any blockages deeply.

- It connects us with our heart, the energy of Sirius is an energy that is vibrating in unconditional Love, which is why it allows us to raise our vibration frequency to connect with our heart.

- It allows us to release karma that is available to be released.

- Connects with a very high vibration frequency.

- It accelerates all processes, this is one of the benefits that people notice the most, that the process they are experiencing, after undergoing this technique, is significantly accelerated. It is an accelerator of the entire process of being

- It allows us to connect with your highest self in other dimensions, within this session we connect with our interdimensional self, who will guide us in our process.


Sirian Energy Healing
        Sakh Majat

  • 1-1 Session

  • 60 minutes  

  • In-person

  • 70 EUR per session

  • Pack 3 sessions: 180 EUR

​* Payment Plan is possible

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