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Soul Yoga - Yin

With the Soul Yoga sessions we are focussing on gently movements with the intention to turn inwards & release & embrace what is for the highest and greatest good. Taking a few steps back from the busy 'masculine' world and taking the time to listen to our bodies. 


Both the group Soul Yoga sessions & the 1-1 will be 1 hour long with a combination of meditation, visualisation, asanas, mudras and pranayama. 

We will work with the 5 elements (Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Either) & the Chakra system. In my classes the focus is on healing, being in the present moment with general more slow & easy poses and movements.  

The group sessions will be held in Gracia & the 1-1 sessions can be held in a lovely Parc in Barcelona, at a Rooftop Terrace or Online.  

What to expect in a 1-1 Soul Yoga session​


What can you expect from a 1-1 Soul Yoga Session?

This is a personalised Yoga Therapy session focused on your needs. 
Before we have the session i will send you a short list with questions to see what we can focus on and to make it very personalised for you. We will work with different flows during the practices which i will explain before we start.

  • Do you want to work on a specific theme?

  • Is there an emotion you want to let go of? 

  • Do you want to feel more grounded and secure?

  • Do you want to focus on releasing blockages?

  • Do you want to feel more balanced?  

Let me know if you have questions or would like to receive more information.

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